Felix is a sophisticated fusion of New York Bistro and French inspired Brasserie made relevant to Sydney's food and design enthusiasts.

With equal emphasis on both design and culinary experience, the wine room and oyster bar are a direct reference to a Parisian bistro but articulated with a difference.

In historic France, Felix may have only appealed to the kings of society with its gold embellishments and large champagne urns, but embodied in the classic elegance are the commonplace symbols of the bentwood Thonet chairs and subway tile, something so recognizable to any patron.

Felix’s custom designed and custom made solid pewter bar top pulls back the finery of gold and silk tassel trimmings.

Hidden details are revealed on further inspection adding an underlying humour such as the cast face of our client, Justin Hemmes on the oversized champagne urns or the carved timber gargoyle heads, each with their own expression of humour and character.



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